School Counseling

School Counselor - Mrs. Tracey Fahl and Ms. Nicole SantaLucia

Virginia Beach School Counseling Overview

Virginia Beach City Public Schools offers a comprehensive K-12 school counseling program that is an integral part of each school's total educational program designed to promote the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. As an essential part of the instructional program, school counseling helps to build a foundation for student learning and academic success.

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Middle School Information

The Principles of American Citizenship

  • September - Responsibility (Being responsible for one's behavior) 
  • October - Diligence (Completing work with care and steady effort) 
  • November - Respect (To show consideration and high regard for a person or thing) 
  • December - Kindness (The habit of being sympathetic, gentle and considerate) 
  • January - Fairness (Displaying impartiality and granting equal treatment) 
  • February - Honesty (Exhibiting truthfulness and sincerity) 
  • March - Cooperation (Working together for the good of a common purpose) 
  • April - Self Control (Keeping one's own emotions, desires and actions restrained) 
  • May - Trustworthiness (Earning the sense of reliability and care from others).

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